Jakub Skalik, born 6th of April 1982 in Pyskowice, Poland.

Professionally. I began my architectural journey in 2000 when I joined the faculty of Architecture at the Silesian University of Technology. My professional career started with a half-year traineeship in Belgium in 2006. I graduated in March 2007 with a Master of Science (Engineer) Architect title and continued to work in architectural offices in the United Kingdom and United States of America. My goal is to gain all knowledge and experience necessary to sit the exams for Architectural License. You will find samples of the projects I've been involved in HERE.

Designer. Participation in multiple architecture and design competitions, many of which had been honoured, continually enhances my design and computer skills. I am very enthusiastic about realizing architecture which incorporates sustainable design and extents beyond its creative boundaries. I designed and made this website.

illustrator. I've been sketching since I was young. Hand drawing is my strongest point. In 2002 I collaborated with the Wiadomości Gospodarcze periodical for a year as Illustrator. I still actively sketch and illustrate, but mainly for myself. You may view my works HERE.

Musician. I studied music for 8 years and finished Public Music School in Gliwice, with a Secondary Degree in 2000. My main instrument was bassoon and supplementary instrument was piano plus choir and music theory. This was a very memorable time in my life, and one of my personal goals is to play the bassoon again.

ACTIVITIES. I am an avid climber (bouldering). Sadly, due to the lack of climbing centres in the area, my enthusiasm for climbing has been temporarily put on hold. But, to feed my hunger for activity, I participate in other sports such as volleyball, squash, cycling, skiing and snowboarding. Of course, all of this when time and place allow.

Hobbies. I actively research green architecture, renewable sources of energy in architecture, and passive architecture. I am also an enthusiast of driving with the highest fuel efficiency. Computers, gadgets, internet (it’s not even a hobby anymore, it’s a part of life) sports, travelling, and socialising are my biggest hobbies.

Motto. One day at a time.

(c) jakub skalik