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- Seeking a position as an Architectural Assistant in a company that represents innovative design ideas.
- Expanding my knowledge in sustainable design and renewable sources of energy in architecture.
- Developing design and software skills through participation in architecture and design competitions.
- Gaining necessary experience to complete my practice and become a registered Architect.


Experienced in a variety of building and design projects; single- and multi-family residential, hospitality, commercial, retail, education and large scale master plan. Involved in following phases of building design: feasibility, planning, building warrant, tender and construction. Strong design experience in a range of scales; graphic design, furniture design, and architectural design with a keen interest in sustainability. Self-taught web design skills.

Professional Experience

VIII 2010 - XII 2010
RDZ-Architekten, Kołobrzeg, Poland.
- Position: Architectural Assistant.

- Project: Concept for the Pool in Gryfice, Shopping Center in Swidwin, 6 Town Houses in Kolobrzeg.
- Responsibilities: Prepared information and full drawing sets for planning submissions; produced computer generated models and renderings; designed presentation boards and project brochures for clients;

IX 2009 - I 2010
Novak Design Group PLC, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States of America.
- Position: Architectural Intern.

- Project: Oak Hill Jackson Brickstone, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA. Affordable housing. New build.
Building A: 1 level parking - 3 levels residential (52 flats); total floor area: 18000ft2
Building B: 1 level parking - 3 levels residential (45 flats); total floor area: 16300ft2
- Responsibilities: Developed and refined schematic design documents, reviewed and evaluated local and federal building codes and assisted in the integration of consultant documents; implemented a 'fast track' schedule for completion of a full set of construction documents. ACHIEVED IN A 3 MONTH SCHEDULE.

IIV 2008 - III 2009
Oberlanders Architects LLC, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
- Position: Part II Architectural Assistant.

- Project: Office Extension for Select. Edinburgh. Commercial. New build.
2 levels office space; total floor area: 1370m2.
- Responsibilities: Prepared information and drawings for building warrant; identified conflicts between consultants and coordinating the work in resolving these issues; participated in monthly design team meetings; developed building warrant drawings to achieve tender and construction packages.

- Project: Slaterford Road, Edinburgh. Affordable multi-family residential/ student housing. New build.
4 levels mixed residential (48 flats and 200 student bed spaces) total floor area: not specified
- Responsibilities: Involved in feasibility and schematic design process, produced computer generated models and renderings; prepared and compiled documents for planning submission.

- Project: University of Edinburgh Centre for Sports Extension, Edinburgh. Educational.
3 levels recreational space; total floor area: 1763m2
- Responsibilities: Participated in the development of detailed drawings for a full set of building warrant, tender and construction documents.

- Project : Schuh Shop, Edinburgh. Retail. Renovation.
1 level retail space; total floor area: 670m2
- Responsibilities: Surveyed existing site for interior refurbishment produced detailed drawing documents for planning submission and building warrant packages. Submission successful.

IX 2007 - VII 2008
Susan Stephen Architects Ltd., Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
- Position: Part II Architectural Assistant.

- Project: Shortbread House, Edinburgh. Multi-family residential. New build.
5 levels mixed residential (21 flats, 15 town houses); total floor area: 2691m2
- Responsibilities: Helped gain planning submission and building warrant approval by preparing drawing documents. Submission successful. Produced computer generated models and presentation visualizations for client brochure, facilitated in procuring potential investors. Developed plans, sections and elevations for building warrant.

- Project: Port Edgar Masterplan, Edinburgh. Mixed use.
- Responsibilities: Collaborated in the feasibility design for the master plan scheme of the Firth of Forth Port, including site analysis and scheme design; produced computer generated models, renderings and visualizations for a client presentation.

- Project: Ferry Toll Road, Rosyth. Multi-family residential, New build.
Building A: 4 levels residential (26 flats), total floor area: 2025m2
Building B: 3 levels residential (23 flats); total floor area: 1792m2
- Responsibilities: Helped gain planning submission approval by coordinating and producing drawing documents. Submission successful.

IX 2006 - III 2007
Town Planning, Design and Architecture, Boguslaw Witkowski, Braine L'Alleud, Belgium.
- Position: Architectural Assistant.

- Project: Single-Family Residence for Mr. Piotr Ignaczak. New build. Total floor area: 174m2.
- Responsibilities: Developed and refined schematic design documents, reviewed and evaluated local building regulations and prepared cost analysis during design development, completed a full and accurate set of construction documents. Documents approved and built on schedule.

- Project: Terraced House Extension for Mrs. Thi Thanh Hang Bui.
- Responsibilities: Researched and documented existing site conditions, prepared presentation drawings for the client. Documents approved.

- Project: Hobart Waterfront International Architectural Competition. Theme - [ Hobart Songlines ].
- Responsibilities: Researched site, environment and social requirements in accordance with the competition guidelines, produced computer generated models, presentation boards for contest entry.


X 2001 - III 2007
Silesian University of Technology, Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning Gliwice, Poland.
- Master of Science (Engineer) Architect.
- Master's thesis - [ The Incubator of Art and Craftsmanship: Adaptation project for the Ludwik coal mine buildings in Zabrze for the centre of art, design and entertainment ].

IX 1997 - VI 2001
V Jan Strug's High School, Gliwice, Poland
- Major - Foreign Languages.
- High School Finals - Top marks in mathematics and English language.

IX 1993 - VI 2001
1st and 2nd Degree State Music School, Gliwice, Poland
- Instruments - Bassoon and piano + choir.
- 2nd Degree Certificate - Top marks in performance and music theory.


II 2010 - Sejm Logo Design. Info:
II 2010 - L7 Salon Logo Design. Info:
I 2010 - HeadSpam Logo Design. Info:
IX 2009 - Think Outside the Parking Box. Theme: [ LookUp ].
I 2007 - 06 Skyscraper Architectural Competition. Theme: [ Chlorophyll City ].
Info: Group entry.
XI 2006 - Hobart Waterfront International Design Competition. Theme: [ Hobart Songlines ].
Info: Group entry.
VIII 2006 - Bathroom Design. Category: Bathroom for the young couple.
Info: Group entry.
VI 2006 - Public Toilet in Hel Peninsula Design. Info: Group entry.
VI 2006 - Hydromassage Control Panel Design. Organizer: Spa-Art. Group entry.
IV 2006 - National Open Design Competition for the Project of Furtniture to Living and Dining Room.
Organizer: Fornit. Info: Group entry. FIRST PRIZE.
IV 2005 - UN Logo Design. Info:
IV 2005 - Printed Design. Organizer: HP.
I 2005 - Poster Design. Theme: [ Alarm for Biodiversity ].
III 2005 - Poster Design. Theme: [ Różni ale Równi ] (Different but Equal). Info:
XII 2004 - Nokia phone design competition. Info:
X 2004 - Destination Point Logo Design. Theme: [ Public Transport in 2020 ]. Info:
XI 2004 - Poster Design. Theme: [ Polish Alphabet ].
XII 2002 - Poster Design. Theme: [ Design For All ]. Organizer: SARP. Group entry.

Additional activity

2005-2006 - Illustrator for Wiadomosci Gospodarcze periodical, based in Cracow.


Polish - Native.
English - Fluent.
French - Intermediate (years active: 1996-2002).
Italian - Intermediate (years active: 1996-2000).
German - Basic (years active: 1992-1996).


2D Software
- Autocad Architecture 2009/ advanced
- Microstation/ good
- ArchiCad/ basic
- Corel Draw X3/ advanced
- Photoshop CS3/ advanced
3D Software
- Sketchup Pro 7/ advanced
- Kerkythea/ advanced
- V-Ray/ basic

- Knowledge of (X)HTML and CSS for web design.
- Advanced knowledge of MS Office package and computer maintenance.
- Driver's License


Healthy eating and living, significance of food in fighting cancer. Travelling and international relationships. Music. Green architecture and renewable sources of energy in architecture. Hand-drawing, web design. Climbing and bouldering, voleyball, skiing, cycling. Computers, new technologies, gadgets. Hypermiling - efficient driving.

Jim Novak
Novak Design Group PLC.
3801 River Ridge Drive NE
Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402
United States of America
Tel: 001 3193939334
Gordon Beaton
Susan Stephen Architects Ltd.
4 Melville Crescent
Edinburgh, EH3 7JA
United Kingdom
Tel: 0044 1312203003

Andrew Wilmot
Oberlanders Architects LLP
16 Melville Street
Edinburgh, EH3 7NS
United Kingdom
Tel: 0044 1312259070

Boguslaw Witkowski
Town Planning, Design and Architecture
Avenue Jacques Brel 13
1420 Braine L'Alleud
Tel: 0032 23871268

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